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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... It rained this morning, so now it is cool and the wind is blowing and it feels like a Fall day. I love it!!!

I am thinking... about how it is the simple things in my life that make me feel so happy and peaceful.

I am thankful ... that this year's visit to Missouri for Kyndal and Dawson didn't stir up a torrent of turmoil, like last year's did.

I am wearing... a pair of black yoga pants, t-shirt, zip-up hoodie and Nike's.

I am planning... lesson plans {always lesson plans}, girl and boy frog Halloween costumes.

I am creating... the beginning of my Christmas list.

I am going... to sit here on my back porch, by myself, enjoying this cool weather, playing on my computer, for at least the next 30 minutes while Dawson does his Algebra.

I am reading... Mad Dash by Patricia Gaffney; The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Radical by David Platt.

I am hoping... that Rick and I continue on this path of connectedness for a long time ... forever would be nice.

On my mind... is the little bully on Eli and Brynne's bus who pulled Eli's hair yesterday and threw a rock at him and spit on him and Brynne. We now know the child's name, and will be making a formal complaint to the bus driver.

From the learning rooms... Brynne came home yesterday and said, "Do you know how to make homework? I don't have any and I want some." I gave her a kindergarten page from Eli's Summer Bridge book. She did a subtraction page. She's 5. Eli is doing really well earning his marbles by completing his work. We are even giving him marbles for doing his homework without complaint that he takes to school to add to his jar. He had his first assessments on Friday and got a 100% in math and a 93% in phonics. I am still thrilled about Kyndal's attitude toward her school work. She told me she got a 100% on her Biology test on Monday, and that was after she missed school Thursday and Friday and was gone all weekend. Dawson is still studying Ancient Egypt and plugging along in his other subjects. His good attitude continues to amaze me and its so fun to see him smiling about something he has learned!

Noticing that ... I get so tired in the afternoons from lack of hydration. Better go get some water!

From the kitchen...Dawson and I just threw an entire lentil casserole down the drain. He made it for one of his Ancient Egypt assignments. Gross! Who eats that stuff????

Around the house... are sleeping puppies. It's nap time!

One of my favorite things... is standing in the driveway with two other moms watching our kids (9 total at our bus stop) load the bus, eager for their day.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Kyndal's physical therapy and ortho appointments, football games, homework, Fall t.v. in the evenings, swinging, a trip to the art museum Thursday night to sculpt with clay, and a date night this weekend.

From my picture journal.
The cool inside of a sunflower. This sounds dumb, but I really didn't know where the sunflower seeds came from! I plucked them all out and am going to salt and roast them for Rick. He loves sunflower seeds.

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